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Pediatric dentistry otherwise popularly known as children dentistry is the part of dentistry, which treats children with teeth associated problems from birth through adolescence. Children are not only a miniature adults they differ physically, physiologically and psychologically from adults. Pediatric dentists are specially trained to efficiently treat the children by understanding their emotional and cognitive needs, which requires a completely different approach. The department of Pediatric dentistry is well organized with experienced and efficient faculty who can impart their knowledge and expertise to students. The department is very well equipped with all the modern, latest amenities and clinical material to train the students efficiently. Pediatric dentistry includes comprehensive treatment to children, thereby providing opportunity for the students to learn and expertise in other branches of dentistry too. We, the faculty from the department of pediatric dentistry believe in teaching our students in a pleasant , friendly environment. Pediatric dental specialists advance the dental wellbeing of children just as fill in as instructive assets for parents. It is suggested that a dental visit ought to happen inside a half year after the nearness of the primary tooth or by a child’s first birthday celebration. It is essential to set up a far reaching and open progressing connection between the dental specialist and patient – alluding to this as the patient's "dental home". This is on the grounds that early oral assessment helps in the recognition of the beginning phases of tooth decay. Early recognition is basic to keep up oral wellbeing, change deviant propensities, and treat varying and as basically as could reasonably be expected. Moreover, parents are given a program of preventive home consideration (brushing, flossing and fluorides), a caries hazard evaluation, data on finger/thumb sucking, and pacifier propensities, guidance on forestalling wounds to the mouth and teeth of kids, diet advising , and information on growth and development.

What is a Pedodontist?

A pedodontist, commonly called a pediatric dentist, is a dentist who specializes in children’s dental care. They must complete additional education and experience beyond their general dentistry degree. They will then limit their practice to treating only children. A pedodontist typically sees children from ages six months to 13 years old, and will use child-friendly techniques to help the child establish good oral health from an early age.

A pedodontist will also work with the child’s parent to educate how to ensure their child performs a proper oral hygiene routine, and will also discuss treatment plans for the future.

Pedodontist is a word that was used for some time to describe the specialty of dentistry devoted to the treatment of children. "Pedia-"or "pedo" means child or children, and "-dontist" denotes one who studies teeth. Since some found “pedodontist” to be confusing (they thought it meant foot doctor) the more commonly-used term is “pediatric dentist.” Pediatric dentistry is an age-defined specialty that provides both primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.





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